2 - Yr. Correspondence Course Hindi

The extraordinary brilliance of BANSAL tutorials, in education is not new or temporary, but has been continual and has evolved to perfection during the past 23 years. Due to our focused approach, a highly qualified faculty, a scientific study methodology and systematically designed courses, an astounding number of our students have made it to IIT, AIEEE & other allied examinations. But what really makes us proud is that our thirst to impart quality education to reach the pinnacle of success has not yet quenched.

Based on your query regarding the 2-Yr Correspondence course. 

This is a two–year postal programme designed to make the students well versed with the knowledge of the three subjects as well as provide them an expertise in attempting the IIT-JEE, AIEEE & other allied exams. The course is an intimate combination of:

Our Strategic Study Material

The coaching at BT is a proper mix of classroom sessions and highly comprehensive study material which is provided to every student enrolled for regular courses. The study material has been so designed that it does not leave any topic or aspect uncovered. We do not, therefore, expect our students to look into any other book or study material & waste their precious time. The Strategic Study Material is modular in design. Each topic is completely covered in a separate lesson and there are predefined study hours for each lesson.

Each lesson is further divided into four sections:

  • Concept Coverage: Focused and in-depth theory to ensure a strong foundation.
  • Solved Examples: A simple, lucid and systematic approach to problems, focusing not only on the HOW but also the WHY of solutions.
  • Exercises and Problems: A specially designed and graded exercise portion covering every vital aspect of the topic for comprehensive practice.
  • Extensive coverage of Objective Type Problems: Thousands of multiple choice questions are given to students in the form of objective assignments and Practice Tests.

The language of the study material is simple and easy to grasp and at the same time it efficiently conveys all the vital aspects of the three subjects. Based on the changing trends of IIT-JEE the study material is being regularly updated. This explains its over growing popularity even among students who don’t study at Bansals.

Regular Tests and Evaluation: The entire course for each of the three subjects has been divided into 9 modules. Each module will have about three chapters of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with solutions. On the completion of every module, tests are conducted to evaluate the students. Each student is apprised of his mistakes in the subsequent classroom discussions. In-depth, personalised feed-back based on extensive testing thereby reinforces strengths and identifies conceptual weakness of the students.

Identical Practice Tests: We at Bansals have realized that mental conditioning is equally important as academic knowledge. Even a hard working and well prepared students feels so over whelmed by the examination that he is not able to perform well.  Identical Practice Tests being identical to the JEE papers, help them meet this challenge successfully.

Our practice tests have been specially designed as a countdown to the final test thereby gradually building up confidence and overcoming tension. It is essential, therefore, that a well-framed periodicity of Identical Practice Tests be maintained so that each student is psychologically well set and at the peak of his performance potential on the day of the final examination.

Course Fee : Rs. 17,500.00 /- (inclusive of all taxes)

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