Crash Course for JEE Advanced

The program is only for all those brilliant students who have a confidence of clearing JEE (Mains). This is a short duration program which includes specifically and strategically formulated assignments. Empower each student to have a strategy of how time management which is very crucial at this juncture. The student will be learning all important aspects of problem solving and time management which will make the sutudent to perform to his/her best potential in JEE Advanced.

Main Features:

  • Duration    :    80 Hrs. April, 5 to 6 Days in a week
  • Course Details    :    i.    Classes by highly qualified & experienced professors.
                                      ii.    Lucidly explained fundamentals.
                                      iii.    Problem solving techniques.
                                      iv.    Individual attention.
                                      v.    Brief of the subject and important formulae
                                     vi.    Specifically and strategically formulated assignments on each topic.
                                     vii.    Work sheets.
  • Test                             :    Objective Test Series (Minimum 8 Tests)
  • Course Fees                :    Total course fee Rs.  10,000/- + 14.5% Service tax
  • Admission Criteria      :    Direct Admission for JEE Mains qualifiers

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