Need of Training

IIT JEE is one of the toughest examinations to be taken by a student. The competition is fierece. The aim is to secure an All India Rank (AIR) and to be amongst the top 10,000 out of more than 14.5 lakh students appearing for JEE from all over India and abroad. Each successive year the students are more serious, better prepared intensively trained and with a higher degree of preservance & with will to succeed. It is therefore next to impossible to get selected in IIT-JEE without undergoing rigorous training by an expert group of guides.

A lot of literature in the form of books, guides and study materials is now available in the market. A number of coaching centers offering various confusing training courses are also mushrooming (and dwindling). Ultimately all this leads the student to a state of utter confusion and frustration as he is unable to decide and finds it difficult to differentiate between a meriocre and a highly enriching source of knowledge. It is therefore, advisable to seek guidance along with requisite study material from a single source of experts.